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Introduction to Desert Tortoises and Field Techniques

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UPDATE 4 February 2015: We plan to hold 2 workshops in Ridgecrest, CA in November 2015.
Monday-Tuesday, November 2-3 and
Wednesday-Thursday, November 4-5.
We will begin registration in late June, so watch the DTC website for details.

Note: This page presents details about the 2014 Workshop sessions. It is published for informational purposes only.

DTC offered TWO "Introduction to Desert Tortoises and Field Techniques" workshops on November 1-2 and again 3-4, 2014 in Ridgecrest, CA. Registration opened (no wait lists, no early registration) in July.  


These workshops are structured to provide information on the biology of desert tortoises and the field techniques of monitoring and surveying.


The fee for the Desert Tortoise Council's 2014 Introduction to Desert Tortoises and Field Techniques Workshops was $285 ($185 for registered students) plus expenses (travel, lodging, some meals).


The following USFWS web sites provide valuable and comprehensive information on requirements for field projects involving the desert tortoise The second web site also explains the requirements to become an authorized biologist under the USFWS.