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Desert Tortoise Council 40th Annual Symposium
February 20 - February 22, 2015

Sam's Town Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada


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Symposium News

The upcoming 40th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Desert Tortoise Council is a time of celebration, reflection, and review of accomplishments and, of course, failures. A high priority will be to address the many challenges ahead with potential solutions. We will be at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas and the dates are February 20-22, 2015, so save these dates to your calendar.

The program will feature some long-term supporters and friends as well as new and exciting featured speakers. David Rostal, one of the editors of the newly published book, Biology and Conservation of North American Tortoises, will be with us.  The Council will be selling the book at a special low rate and there will be a book signing. Many of the book authors are expected to attend.

One featured session will be a 15-year summary of research findings on Gopherus morafkai in Mexico, organized by Mercy Vaughn. Cristina Jones already has several speakers lined up for a companion session on Gopherus morafkai in Arizona. The Saturday morning session will feature the Common Raven. Pete Coates who has published several papers on this species and has research projects underway in the Great Basin on Common Ravens and Sage Grouse, is chairing this session.

For those of you interested in putting together a session or being part of one, please contact the Program Chair, Kristin Berry, at