Board of Directors Meeting Information
The next BOD meeting will be Saturday, April 7th at the Redlands Office of Ecorp Consulting at 215 N 5th Street, Redlands, California 92374.

Last updated: 19-Mar-2018

Restoration plan for site within the Eastern Expansion Area of Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area

This restoration plan, developed by a team from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California Santa Barbara, lays out a framework of goals, actions, and expected outcomes for beginning restoration for approximately 460 acres at the eastern Expansion Area of the DTRNA. Click Restoration Plan to download a copy of the Plan.

The Desert Tortoise Council Board of Directors has approved the Desert Tortoise Council Five-year Strategic Plan and Implementation Strategies 2015-2020. This document will guide the actions undertaken by the Board to expand on the Council’s efforts to achieve desert tortoise recovery. Click 5-year Plan to view the strategic plan.