On behalf of the Desert Tortoise Council, the Board of Directors will accept grant requests for appropriate projects benefiting the conservation of desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii, G. morafkai, G. evgoodei and G. flavomarginatus).  Proposals should follow the Council’s Grants Policy for application procedures, dates, required content and email address (click on Grant Request Policy to view the policy details).  Proposals will be returned without detailed comment if they are poorly written or do not include basic information such as the date of submission, name(s) and qualifications of applicants, clear objectives, solid scientific and statistical methods, significance of the project for increasing the knowledge of tortoise biology and/or conservation, or justifiable budgets.

The Board will evaluate all suitable proposals but is particularly interested in proposals that address current management issues including:

  1. Analysis of management techniques that reduce corvid and/or canid predation pressure on juvenile tortoises
  2. Analysis of survivorship at the long-term translocation site or other translocation sites where at least five years of post-release data are available
  3. Analysis of the effects of road fencing on tortoise populations, i.e., have tortoises returned to former ‘mortality sinks?’ Also, has fencing reduced connectivity?
  4. Analysis of the effects of habitat restoration on tortoise populations, i.e., have tortoises returned to restored areas that were previously not used due to disturbance?
  5. Assessment and/or monitoring of the implementation or failure to implement mandatory conservation measures associated with past development projects
  6. Development of Best Management Practices that would benefit desert tortoise conservation or enhance recovery
  7. Monitoring of the efficacy of recovery actions that have been implemented